• Additional PE activities:

    1. For my CUP STACKING friends - STACKS & JACKS: 3 Cup Challenge.  Click here or on the stacking cups on the right.  

    2.Work out with The Body Coach - great 5 minute movement activity.  Click here or on the 5 Minute Movement picture on the right.


    I found a fun HAND CLAP GAME called SEVENS.  Click on the emoji on the right and see if you can follow along.


    Or if you really want to move click on the picture of the kids dancing and learn some new moves dancing along to the Mmm Bop song on JUST DANCE.


    For my STAR WARS FANS grab a kitchen towl or scarf, click on the darth vader picture and follow along with my colleague at PhysEdReview as he shows us the STAR WARS SCARF DANCE.  Great for our younger students.