• AP Testing Updates

    (Updated 5/5/2020)  

    Click this link for the AP Testing Guide 2020. This guide has information about your AP Exam e-ticket, five steps to take before exam day, exam day information, and exam scores & credit.



    All students who are taking an AP Exam this year should review these important links:


    AP Testing Guide 2020

    Contains info about accessing your eTicket and everything you need to know about testing from home.


    AP Exam Walkthrough Video

    Step by step process for the exam in a video


    2020 AP Exam Demo ******

    Allows you to practice logging into the exam and submitting answers

    ******please use this demo to practice before exam day


    World Language Walkthrough Video

    Students taking French or Spanish exams have some different requirements, this video explains the process for World Language Exams


    Exam Day Checklist

    AP suggests that you print out this checklist or handwrite the information for each exam you are planning to take


    AP Review Information

    College Board has put together review info for all subjects.


    References and Guide Sheets

    Includes formula sheets and guides students should print, download or bookmark for test day--by subject


    Items Needed on Test Day

    Shows everything a student will need for test day



    There will NOT be any face-to-face AP exams for May 2020.  Students will have the opportunity to take AP exams online at home. Please note:

    • Each exam will be 45 minutes
    • Exams will NOT contain multiple-choice questions
    • Exams will be administered online
    • Exams will assess a reduced scope of content, content that would “typically” have been covered before March
    • If students do want to cancel exams,we will be able to refund $94 for each exam paid previously paid. Refunds must be requested through Total Registration.  
    • Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible after the late testing period which ends on June 5, 2020
    • TIP:  Seniors should contact the college they are planning to attend to see if the college will accept an AP Exam for college credit. 


    AP Exam Tips & Resources

    Planning for AP exams will be a combination of test review and practice with classroom teachers via E-Learning but will also require independent preparation.

    Classroom teachers will provide specific resources (e.g. practice tests, review guides, content summaries) for their respective AP courses.  Students will need to access online resources to be fully prepared for their exams.

    Below are the recommended resources students can use to prepare for the revised AP exams: 

    College Board- Get Ready for AP Exams

    Khan AcademyKhan Academy has AP test prep resources

    College Board

    This is a list of all AP courses.  Find your course and look for “Exam Preparation” to find practice questions, scoring guidelines, and sample student responses.

    AP Live has online live streams and recorded review sessions for students to access (via YouTube).


    Frequently Asked Questions

    (We’re providing the most up-to-date information shared by College Board)

    What is the timeline for students to make a decision on taking an exam?

    Students will have up to the day before an exam to cancel without any penalty fees. 

    What would the exam schedule look like for testing day? 

    The schedule for AP exams is found here: AP Exam Schedule 2020 – AP Coronavirus Updates

    By the end of April, College Board will provide guidance on how that testing day will work. Students need to  check their email account for test day instructions.  Information will come to the email account used to when you joined your AP Classroom (most used a personal account).

    What are the tech requirements for taking the exam?

    There are not any specific tech requirements.   Students will be able to take exams on any device they have access to—computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Students will type and upload responses or write responses by hand and submit a photo via cell phone.

    What will students with testing accommodations do?

    According to College Board, any student that has approved accommodations will automatically have them applied if they take the exam. For example, if a student is approved for time and a half on an exam and the exam is 30 minutes long, that student will be given 45 minutes to finish the exam. 

    What will each AP exam cover?

    The 2020 AP Exams will have a reduced scope. College Board has provided a resource of what will be covered on each exam. Here is the link to that resource:  Course Specific Exam Information

    Are these AP exams open note and open book? 

    Yes--you can use notes and textbooks on the 2020 AP exams. College Board has structured the exams in a way that points will not be given from information just pulled straight from a textbook or student notes.

    Also, College Board has made it clear that if they suspect plagiarism or students working together, AP exam scores will be cancelled and that they will notify a student’s prospective college or university.  Students and families should be aware that College Board has embedded multiple layers to maintain test security in the at-home testing environment, so honesty - like always - is the best policy.

    For full information on AP Exam security see the following link: AP Exam Security – AP Coronavirus Updates

    Will colleges accept the 2020 AP exam scores for college credit? 

    According to the College Board, the majority of colleges and universities that they work with will accept the 2020 AP Exam scores for college credit. 

    Freshmen through Junior students should feel confident that, if they score well enough on the exam, most colleges and universities will accept the 2020 AP Exam scores for college credit.

    For Senior Students, this allows you a chance to contact the school you plan on attending to see if they will take your AP exam scores for college credit. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

    How do I go about canceling my 2020 AP Exam? 

    If you do not take the AP exam you have signed up for, you will be issued a refund of $94 per exam.  Refunds will be issued in June after the late testing window closes June 5.  The exact date refunds will be processed is to be determined once AP distributes the list of students who need one.

     The specific date refunds will be processed is still to be determined.


    We will update students and parents as more information becomes available. Additional questions regarding the process at South should be directed to Jan Mieure, Jan.Mieure@cusd200.org

Last Modified on May 6, 2020