• Remind Messaging

    Remind messaging is used by counselors to communicate with students via text messaging or email.  Most students sign up via text messaging by texting the below code to 81010.  After signing up, studets are able to communicate with their counselors without their phone number appearing and receive both individual and group messages directly from their counselors.  This is one of the most important tools counselors use to share important information with our sudents in a direct and timely manner.


    Graduation Year Angelo Biggs Coan Eaton Longenbaugh Schoon Wittersheim
    2022 @angelo22 @22biggs @coan22 @22eaton @rl22 @schoon22 @kwitty22
    2023 @angelo23 @23biggs @coan23 @23eaton @rl2023 @schoon23 @kwitty23
    2024 @angelo24 @24biggs @coan24 @24eaton @rl2024 @schoon24 @kwitty24
    2025 @angelo25 @25biggs @coan25 @25eaton @rl2025 @schoon25 @kwitty25