Art to Remember
  • Washington Knights,

    Our school is participating in the Art to Remember fundraiser again this year! This program allows you to purchase keepsake products customized with your child's art. There are over 50 products and many are less than $15. These make great gifts and a percentage of every purchase goes right back to our school.

    Click on Art to Remember - Washington Elementary School, type in your child's first and last name, and you will be able to see  your child's artwork. 


    MOST of our students finished their artwork before the due date.  If your child didn’t complete the artwork, when you’re searching for their name, it will read No Artwork Available  or  Artwork Not Received. If you ADD that to your gallery, you can then upload any new artwork you have at home and order!  Adding the No Artwork Available to your gallery will tie any new artwork you upload to our fundraiser. You have until April 22, 2022 to upload artwork and order.

    Any original artwork that was finished, and sent to Art to Remember, will be returned in bulk to school.  The artwork will be distributed at school.  Thank you in advance for your patience awaiting the original pieces.

    If you choose to order products, orders can be shipped directly to your home.  Due to the current shipping delays, please be aware that shipping may take longer than normal.

    Thank you for helping us raise money for our Art Curriculum!

    Stay well, and happy Art making!

    Mrs. Roche

Art to Remember Samples