• Transcript Release Form

    Seniors: follow the process below to send transcripts to your college or university:

    1. Fill out this electronic Transcript Release Form (NO LONGER RECEIVING RESPONSES FOR CLASS OF 2021)
    2. Transcripts will not be sent prior to an application’s completion.
    3. There is a $5.00 charge for each transcript request. This fee will be added to your school fees.
    4. Be sure to fill out all sections of the form!
    5. All materials (official transcript, letters of recommendation, school forms) will be sent out together electronically using Naviance Edocs.
    6. * Some colleges (i.e. U of I, U of Iowa, Iowa State, Purdue) do not require an official transcript for application purposes. Instead, students will complete a self-reported academic record as part of the application. However, these schools should still be moved or added into your “Colleges I’m Applying to” page in Naviance.
Last Modified on May 28, 2021