2019 Yearbook Cover

Buy a Yearbook

  • Yearbooks can be ordered online through TreeRing

    Please choose "Ship to school" option. Yearbooks will be distributed by classroom.

    REMEMBER: you can add 2 custom pages FOR FREE! That means you can upload as many picture of your student - whatever ones you want - at no extra charge!



    1. Please download the TreeRing app to your phone
    2. Create an account + enter your student/teacher (school code 101515708176509)
    3. Upload photos to the "shared photos" folder. :)
    4. Please add details if possible - i.e. grade level and/or event or make a folder to indicate


    To Order a Yearbook Online

    1. Visit TreeRing.com
    2. Enter our access code 101515708176509
    3. Cost is $12.59 - 
      1. 10% discount prior to September 30
      2. 5% discount prior to October 30
Last Modified on September 22, 2020