• Kindness Matters

    Emerson School PTA Fundraiser

    Winter 2021

    Feb. 8th – 26th

    What does the Emerson School PTA do? 

    The Emerson PTA provides valuable resources and opportunities to students and teachers that the school district would not otherwise be able to fund.  Field trips, back to school social, Staff/Teacher Appreciation, Author visit, Run-A-Thon, Explormore day are just to name a few.  All the money raised will go back into the school, to support the staff and students. 

    What is this fundraiser all about?

    This fundraiser is a way the PTA can raise money during the 2021 school year. Our goal is to raise $1,000 in three weeks’ time.  What’s really cool is that students who get involved won’t just get the love from family, friends, and neighbors who donate money to the PTA, but they’ll also be challenged to give the kindness by sharing simple acts of kindness in return. 

    Students will also have the chance to win prizes not for how much money they raise but for how many donors type get involved. To add to the fun, the three classes at Emerson who collect the most money (per student) from Feb. 8-26th  will receive a special outdoor popcorn party on March 5th

    Questions? Please email Kim Engel at kimengel704@gmail.com or Sarah Allison at sarahallison03@gmail.com 

    Donation Collection

    How should students collect donations?

    Students will invite parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors to support the Emerson PTA by easily donating online or giving a check or cash. Phone calls, emails, or socially distanced personal visits all work well when asking for donations. Remember- the goal is to get as many donors involved as possible. Ten smaller donations are actually better than just one large donation because more people will learn about our amazing school and also receive an act of kindness in return for their generosity. 

    • Every donation received online or turned in between Feb. 8-26th will count towards individual prizes and class totals.
    • Families with multiple Emerson students may ask donors to please divide gifts evenly. 
    • All donations are tax deductible.


    Online Donations:  

    Register your child by going to this website (if you already have a memberhub account just use your login): https://app.memberhub.gives/kindness2021

    Step 1: Click on STUDENT CENTER

    Step 2: On the next page click on SIGNUP HERE

    Step 3: On the next page click on SELECT A TEAM
    (NOTE: Your child’s team is their teacher)

    Step 4: Register your child and set up your password. You will be able to set up a unique URL for your child to send to family, neighbors and friends so that they can make donations.

    KEEPING TRACK OF DONATIONS: Records of online donations will be kept automatically, but please use the attached donation form to list any cash or check donations. This form must be turned in by 2/25 for credit towards prizes. 

    How to Ask for Donations

    What should students say when asking for donations?

    Asking people for money can be hard, but students should make sure they communicate to all donors that the PTA will spend money wisely in support of Emerson teachers and students. Here are a few reminders when asking for donations. 

    • TELL what the PTA is all about and that $1,000 is the fundraiser goal.
    • ASK for a donation towards the PTA in any dollar amount
    • EXPLAIN how to donate. (Remember, online is easiest!)
    • THANK the donor. (If they choose not to donate, that’s ok!)


    What might a sample letter look like?

    Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

         Hi! Fourth grade is going well, and we are doing a fundraiser called “Kindness Matters” this winter to support our Emerson PTA. The PTA provides resources and programs that benefit teachers and students at our school, this year we are trying to raise $1000 total. Would you consider making a donation (in any amount!) that would support my school this year? The easiest way to donate is online at << INSERT STUDENTS DONATION LINK>>, and all donations are tax deductible. You can also give cash or a check made out to “Emerson School PTA” and get it to me to turn in my February 25th

       The more donors I can get this winter, I have a chance to win a big prize.  Also, my class is trying to win a popcorn party, if we are the top class with the most donations. What’s best is that I am going to give acts of kindness in return for every donor’s generosity. I’d love to come over and help you shovel or help around the house this winter. Or I could even bake you some of my famous brownies. 

        Thanks so much for considering making a donation. If you want more information about my school’s PTA or have questions about how to make the donations, let me or my parents know. We just need all donations my February 25 to be counted towards prizes. 

     Lots of Love Andrew 


    Sharing Kindness as Gratitude and Prize Details

    Why should students show their gratitude to donors?

    We feel that by offering simple acts of kindness in return for donations, students can join donors in the joy of giving. Age-appropriate activities are listed below, and we strongly encourage students to offer one of these gifts of kindness (or their own creative ideas!) to everyone who donates to our PTA. Some donors may refuse the offer, but hopefully students can at least write thank you notes, or Valentines to all show give so generously to our Emerson PTA. It’s; important to keep careful track of who makes donations to his fundraiser so that students can follow up with their acts of kindness. 

     How can students show their gratitude to donors? 

    • Paint them a special picture. - Salt the sidewalks.
    • Mail them a hand-written note. - Walk their dog.
    • Bake them a special treat. - Help with chores.
    • Shovel their snow. - Your own creative idea!



    What types of PRIZES can students win?  


    ONE DONATION any amount: Kindness Matters Key Chain

    Third place prize Hot Chocolate Bombs and Mug

    Second place prize Choice of toys donated from the Learning Express 

    First place prize Choice of toys or a $20.00 Gift Card to Moore Toys  

    Top Class with the most donations (not amount of money) will win a Popcorn Party  

    The top three classes who collect the most money will receive a special popcorn party on March 5, 2021 

    Donation Form

Last Modified on February 5, 2021