Surveillance Testing

  • District 200 is excited to announce a surveillance testing as a new mitigation strategy for students and staff in grades 6-12 and the Transition Program beginning in early January 2021. Surveillance testing will allow us to not only bring students back to school for the in-person learning experience but also we fully expect this mitigation to help keep students in schools, safely. 

    A saliva-based surveillance test will be administered once a week to all students and staff that opt-in. This test is extremely accurate, with less than a .01% false positive rate. All student information will remain anonymous. The lab will only receive a barcoded label – no names will be disclosed. Next, all testing kits will be destroyed immediately after use. The district will receive test results within 24 hours of testing. We will notify individuals with a clinical finding in order to “stop the spread”. This mitigation will also help to detect those who pass a self-assessment test but are asymptomatic.

    This is not a permanent mitigation. And, it does not replace our other efforts in combating the virus. The wearing of face coverings, hand washing, and sanitization of used objects will remain mandatory.

    At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the district set aside resources to cover additional costs in order to keep our students and staff healthy. This additional mitigation is a pivotal step towards getting students back in their respective buildings in order to receive the best education possible. 

    High levels of participation will allow this mitigation strategy to be effective. 


    Parents of students in grades 6-12 and the Transition Program can opt-in by signing into their ParentVue Account. Please follow these directions to opt-in

    Staff can opt-in through the iVisions staff portal

    Opt-In Window

    • If you opt-in by February 10, you can begin testing the week of February 22.
    • If you opt-in by February 15, you can begin testing the week of March 8.
    • If you opt-in by March 1, you can begin testing the week of April 5. 

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