Instructions for acceptance of this agreement can be found on PAGE 2 of this document


    It is our belief that technology can greatly enhance the learning experience and facilitate collaboration, creativity and innovation through personalized, student-centered learning experiences.  We also believe it is important that these experiences be given the opportunity to happen both inside and outside classroom walls.


    CUSD200 Acceptable Access and Use of Technology Agreement

    • I understand I am to only access the district network in a lawful manner for educational purposes.


    • I understand there is some measure of content filtering protection on each district device with internet access.

    • I understand that my activity and electronic communications on a district issued device/chromebook may be monitored by the district. 


    • I understand that use of a district issued device/chromebook is intended to be for educational purposes only. For students this includes use during the instructional day and use off district property, for purposes such as reviewing and inputting information, school related communication, independent research, college applications, and gathering of resources. 


    • I understand it is expected to return the device/chromebook to the district in the same condition it was in prior to being issued to me, excluding normal wear and tear.  No modifications or dissassembly of a school issued device/chromebook is permitted.


    • I agree to use ordinary care and diligence in protecting, safeguarding and supervising the equipment, and understand that I will be personally responsible for damage or theft of the equipment.


    • I agree not to leave the equipment in an unsecured location or unattended. 


    • I understand that I am to return the chromebook when requested.


    • I understand I will be liable for damage to the chromebook due to negligence. 
      • If the chromebook is damaged but repairable, the following repair cost schedule will apply:
        • First repair - free of charge
        • Second repair - $15 
        • Third repair - $30 
        • Fourth reapir - $50 + parent/guardian meeting
      • Chromebooks that come with stylus pens that are damaged or lost will always come with a repair cost of $15
      • Lost chargers will come with a charge of $30
      • If the chromebook itself is lost or damaged beyond repair, a replacement cost will be charged as follows:
        • Dell 3180 & 3100 models - $220
        • Dell 3100 touch screen - $260
        • Acer touchscreen - $360


    • I understand that only the CUSD200 student will use the device when in their possession.


    • I understand I am responsible for reviewing and understanding these policies once in possession of equipment.


    • I understand that the failure of any student to follow the terms of the District's acceptable access and use of technology policy will result in the loss of privileges, disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action.