• General Philosophy

    Hubble Middle School's interscholastic athletic programs serve to promote healthy minds and bodies in students while helping participants master athletic techniques and learn leadership and social skills.


    Sportmanship Philosophy

    Hubble Middle School has made a commitment to good sportsmanship by athletes, coaches, and spectators. Profanity, degrading remarks, and intimidating actions to teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, and spectators will not be tolerated. 


    Playing Time Philosophy

    Participating in an interscholastic sport means being a part of a team. Being a part of a team, learning the discipline and commitment involved in attending practices, and learning to follow coaching instructions are all things team members will benefit from, no matter how much playing time they see in games. Being a part of a team does not mean that each student will get to participate in every game. The coaches will do their best to be fair about playing players without jeopardizing the outcome of the contest. 


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