• Here is a description of the various committees that are at Edison waiting for you to join!


    • This committee helps update planters in the front of the school as well as certain grade level entrances. They will also help do fall and spring clean up of certain grade level doors and courtyard. 

    8th Grade Moving On:

    • This committee is in charge of decorating, ordering food, and planning the breakfast for the 8th graders before their moving on ceremony. This committee is also in charge of the volunteers and donated food for the parent reception held immediately after the ceremony.


    • This committee helps with the planning, organizing volunteers and food donations for the Fall Dance, 8th Grade Dance and Pantherpalooza. They work with the Student Council and their teacher reps in executing these events. 

    Staff Appreciation/Teacher Conferences:

    • This committee helps organize the food donations for teacher conferences in the fall, as well as staff appreciation week in the Spring. 

    Ice Cream Social:

    • Held during the Taste of Edison. Order and distribute ice cream to the students during this event held in the Fall. 

    Welcome to the Den:

    • This is the first event of the year held for incoming 6th graders. Work with the front office in implementing a scavenger hunt and fun activities for the incoming 6th graders. Organize volunteers to help with student activities. 


    • The WWPTA awards a scholarship to a graduating WWS senior who was also a student at Edison. This committee reviews the applications and helps pick a few select winners. This is held in late winter/early spring. 

    Book Fair:

    • This is run by the LLC director and aide. This committee are volunteers who will help students pay for books and restock items during the book fair which is held in the fall and spring. 

    Fun Run:

    • This event is run in conjunction with the PE department at the end of September. Volunteers, food and prize donations are needed to be organized, and distribution of prizes after the event in late fall.  

    Panther Night:

    • This committee plans a fun night held during the wintertime for all the Edison students. They help organize the games/activities, volunteers, and ordering of food for this event. 

    PTA Staff Grants:

    • This committee collects teacher requests throughout the fall and early winter. They will organize the requests, discuss them with the PTA and principle for approvals and communicate with the teachers on final decisions. 


    • Help collect and organize the student submissions and submit for judging. Help organize the awards and prizes and attend the awards ceremony for the district in the winter. The committee also helps arrange for displaying the artwork in the school. 

    Veterans Day Brunch:

    • This committee helps organize the brunch and decorations held for the volunteer Veterans who come to the school for a presentation. The committee will work with the front office for this one day event in November. 

    Welcome to the Den:

    • This committee works with the front office for this event held for the incoming 6th graders a few days before school starts in August. Volunteers and food need to be requested and organized. 

Last Modified on August 28, 2022