• Related imageVomiting and Diarrhea
    1. Overeating
    2. Prescription & nonprescription medications
    3. Fear or strong emotion
    4. Early Pregnancy
    5. Motion Sickness
    6. Intense Pain
    7. Viruses of the intestine or stomach
    8. Bacteria
    9. Parasites
    10. Foods that are hard to digest ( those high in fat and sugar)
    11. Intestinal blockage or infection
    Treatment for Vomiting
    • Stop eating all solids and milk
    • After vomiting, eat or drink NOTHING for an entire hour
    • After the hour, drink clear liquids such as water, Gatorade, flat soda, tea, apple juice or Kool-Aid slowly and in small amounts.
    • If this is tolerated without vomiting, gradually increase the amount of fluids you drink
    • Add, applesauce, bananas, toast or crackers as tolerated (BRAT Diet)
    • Resume regular diet after 24 hours
    Treatment for Diarrhea
    • Drink plenty of clear fluids
    • Avoid foods high in fat/grease, sugar, and spicy foods 
    • With improvement, Applesauce, bananas, toast or crackers as tolerated (BRAT Diet)
    When to see a doctor
    •  Vomiting or diarrhea is severe lasting more than 8 hours
    • Temperature above 101.4
    • Showing signs of Dehydration
    • Stools are bloody or slimy
    • Blood or green slime in vomit
    • No urine in 8 hours
    • Stiff Neck
    • Unusually sleepy
    • Abdominal pain for more than two hours
    • Possible poison consumption
    • Possible drug consumption (Overdose) 
Last Modified on December 16, 2016