• Ms. Brice’s Language Arts Syllabus

    Welcome to Ms. Brice’s 8th grade Language Arts and Literature class! I am ecstatic (use those strong vocabulary wordsJ) to be your teacher this year, and I cannot wait to get to know each one of you.

    1. Classroom Expectations and Policies

    Classroom Expectations

    1. Always respect other students, teachers, and our classroom. Listen to others when speaking; clean up after yourself; use appropriate language; and follow directions.

    2. Always come to class prepared with appropriate supplies (see below).

    3. Come to class with a positive attitude. Be prepared to learn and achieve!


    Other rules we agreed upon as a class are…

    *Rules are subject to change with warning


    Behavior Policy

    When students adhere to the behavioral requirements, individuals may be positively acknowledged by receiving verbal praise, positive phone calls home, or special privileges.

    When students do not adhere to the behavioral requirements, the following consequences will be administered:
                1st Offense: Verbal warning or seat change
                2nd Offense: Student conference with teacher
                3rd Offense: Parent Notification
                4th Offense: Lunch Detention
                5th Offense: Office Referral

    The teacher has the right to skip steps or take multiple actions for severe disruptions. Students will start with a clean slate after each midterm.

    Tardy Policy
            1-3 Tardies: Verbal Warnings
            4 Tardies: Lunch Detention
            5-8 Tardies: Referral to Mr. Kish

    2. Necessary Materials for Class

    You must have these materials in class everyday

        -Language Arts Textbook (will be left in classroom)

        -Journal (will be left in classroom)

        -1” 3-ring binder with 5 or more dividers

        -Sturdy pocket folder w/ hole punches designated for Language Arts

        -Loose-leaf paper

        -Pen or pencil, red pen, highlighter, Expo (white board) markers


    3. Academic Policies

    Grading Distribution:

                -Classwork 10%

                -Homework 10%

                -Presentations 10%

                -Projects/Essays 25%

                -Quizzes 20%

                -Tests 25%



    Though the homework that is typically given does not exceed 15-20 minutes in duration, daily homework is to be expected. The frequent practice of skills provided through homework is essential to your learning.  Projects will have a suggested outlined time frame, but it is important learn how to manage your time and stay on or ahead of schedule.


    Late Homework Policy

    While there are exceptions due to family emergencies or illness, the following is the policy for late-work credit:

              Day after due- 20% reduction in grade

              2 days after due- A further 10% is taken off

              3 days or more- Zero credit to a maximum of 50%


    *If two or more assignments are turned in 3 days or later, you will need to spend lunch in lunch lab or with Ms. Brice to make up the assignments. My desire is that you learn the material, and homework helps you to do that.


    I love reading, writing, and learning! I hope that my love of Language Arts and passion for the communication skills that this course teaches will help you to fall in love with it as well, whether LA is your favorite subject or your worst. It is going to be a wonderful year!



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