•  PLTW 
     Michelle Hoffmeyer
    8th Grade - Entrepreneurship
    6th Grade - Drama
    8th Grade - Automation and Robotics
    7th Grade - Design Modeling
    Room 107-108
    This is a very exciting and busy year for your child. Many changes will be taking place. I will be working hard to continue growth in your child’s education. Part of the main emphasis will be on developing skills for your child to be productive in the 21st Century. Technology education is not the study of computers.  In the PLTW courses, students use computers as a tool to study many other technologies that are important to our society.  We hope that students will grow in their knowledge of these technologies and be able to use them in their everyday experience.  I will also try to instill a feeling of pride in their accomplishments.

    If at any time during the year you have questions or concerns please call me at 630-682-2455 or you can e-mail me. I look forward to working with you and your child this year.