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    TIDE Courses

    Below you will find a list of pre-approved TIDE courses created by the Professional Development Committee. If you are planning to take one of the approved courses use the TIDE Course Notification form on this page to inform the district of your intent to take a TIDE course. Once the form is completed it will automatically be submitted to the Professional Development Office. All TIDE Course Notification forms must be received in the Professional Development Office by the first day of class in order to receive credit.

    While there are additional courses offered through TIDE,  those courses are not automatically pre-approved. If you would like to take a course that is not on the approved list then you will need to complete the Approval for Out-of-District CEU credit that is available in your school office or by emailing Ann Impola (aimpola@cusd200.org), or the Graduate Approval Form that is available from Human Resources.

    Approved Course # Title CEU Graduate
    Grades 5 to 12 OEDC 6581 Young Adult Literature X X
    Grades 1-8 EDUC 537TA Reading Strategies to Improve Comprehension Across the Curriculum X NO
    Grades 3 to 6 OEDC 5402 Improving Reading Instruction X X
    Grades 4 to 9 OEDC 5115 Young Adult Literature:Genre Studies X X
    Grades K to 2 OEDP 5095 Guided Reading Grades K-2 X X
    Grades K to 8 EDUC 572TI Communicating in the Mathematics Classroom X NO
    Grades Pre-k to 5 EDUC 537TJ Multi-Cultural Children's Literature Grades K-5 X NO
    Yes:All EDUC 529TA Continuting Spanish for Teachers Level 2 X NO
    Grades3 to 8 OEDC 5683 Math for All Students X X
    Grades4 to 8 OED TBA Literacy Essentials: Grades 4-8 X X
    All Grades EDUC 595T Survey of Exceptional Children and Adolescents X NO
    All Grades EDUC 599T Characteristics Children & Adolescents Challenged with Emotional Disorders X X
    All Grades EDUC 599TC Methods of Teaching Children & Adolescents Challenged with Emotinoal Disorders X X
    All Grades OEDC 5262 Project CRISS X X
    All Grades OEDS 5164 Assessment Design X X
    All Grades OEDS 5230 Assessment Strategies for Classroom Learning X X
    Grades K to 12 RLL 585AP Reading Across the Curriculum X NO
    Grades K to 12 RLL 585U Writing Across the Curriculum X NO
    Grades PreK to 12 EDUC 572TM Assessment for Project-Based Learning in the Digital Classroom X NO
    Grades PreK to 12 RLR 583H Engaging the Brain to Learn X NO
    Grades PreK to 12 OEDC 6979 Environmental Issues & Concerns X NO
    Grades PreK to 12 OEDW 5036 Teaching Thinking with Technology X X
    Grades PreK to 12 OEDW 5056 Digial Media: Classroom Applications X X
    Grades PreK to 3 OEDS 5103 Reading Academy K-3 Best Practices X X
    Grades PreK to 5 RLR 583DA Word Study K-5 X NO
    Grades PreK to 8 CIW 583 E Working with Children of Alcoholics/Addicts & Chemically Dependent Teens X NO


    TIDE Course Notification Form

    Questions about Professional Development can be directed to Ann Impola (aimpola@cusd200.org) 630-682-2216.