• Behavioral Supports

    Several district-wide behavior specialists support school-based teams by referral to establish the behavioral supports necessary for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. This work is accomplished through staff training and implementing effective interventions for those students with comprehensive behavioral and/or emotional needs.
    Areas of Staff Training and Support
    • Consistent use of research-based behavioral interventions among all staff at the school, classroom, and individual levels
    • Effective use of data collection for decision making regarding behavioral strategies
    • Proactive strategies to affect behavior change while at the same time minimizing the use of reactive disciplinary measures across all students
    • Appropriately utilizing the Functional Behavior Assessment in determining the Behavior Intervention Plan for an individual with significant and chronic behavioral concerns
    • School-wide behavioral supports and strategies in the common areas of school buildings
    • Supporting the capacity of the regular education setting to successfully educate all students and to prevent social/behavioral failings
    • Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training focused on preventing crisis and providing a safe and secure teaching environment for all students and staff
    The following are links to resources for parents who may be seeking advice or support for their child with exceptionalities.
Last Modified on April 18, 2017