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    Franklin Middle School offers a variety of intramural sports throughout the year that are open to students of every grade.  We encourage all of our students to get involved and intramurals is a great way to do so!
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Do I need a permission slip? Yes! In order to participate in any of the sports listed below, you must have a signed permission slip by your parent/guardian.  If you need a permission slip, please see your intramural coach/sponsor or click on the "Forms" tab and download one.
    What time do intramurals take place?  All intramural sports start after school at 3:15pm and go roughly until 4:00pm.  See your coach/sponsor if you have questions on when your intramural will begin.
    Is there a late bus?  Yes! Our activity buses run Monday-Thursday and leave promptly at 4:15.  So after your intramural is done, grab your backpacks and go directly to the front of the school to catch the bus.  ***If you misbehave on the bus you will no longer be able to ride the activity bus.  So be on your best behavior and treat the bus drivers with respect!
    Will intramurals ever be cancelled? Unfortunately yes.  Intramurals are sometimes cancelled for a variety of reasons, but usually because of bad weather or lack of gym space.  If your intramural is ever cancelled, an announcement will be made at the end of the day.  Please make sure you take your regular mode of transportation home.  
    Fall Intramurals
    • Flag Football - All Grades Mr. Bonnamy 
      • Flag Football meets on the field after school every Monday thru Thursday. Make sure you wear appropriate athletic clothes and shoes to play.  You may always wear your PE uniform if you forgot to bring clothes from home.

    • Soccer -All Grades Ms. Lovlace & Mr. Reder
      • Soccer meets on the field after school every Monday thru Thursday.  Be sure to wear appropriate athletic clothes to play.  You may bring cleats and shin guards, but they are not required.

    Winter Intramurals
    • Due to a lack of gym space during the winter months, no intramurals will be held.
    • However, basketball, badminton, and volleyball/newcomb may meet occasionally when our athletic teams have away competitions.  Be sure to listen to the AM/PM annoucements for these dates.

    Spring Intramurals
    • Badminton - All Grades Sponsor: TBD
      • While we will play a few days in the fall and winter, badminton is primarily a spring sport starting March.  We will play every Monday and Wednesday after school in the main gym.

    • Basketball- All Grades Mr. Rovik
      • We will be holding a few open gyms in the fall to prepare for both boys and girls basketball, but the main basketball intramural will take place in the spring starting in March.  We will play after school in the main gym every Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Volleyball - All Grades Ms. Wright
Last Modified on September 12, 2019