• School Psychology Department

    Vision Statement
    The District 200 School Psychology Department’s vision is to provide high quality psycho-educational services to the CUSD 200 community. As school psychologists, we uphold our professional ethics and standards as we engage in student focused services. We are dedicated to life long learning, and we continually engage in professional development in order to further develop our competencies and skills.
    Mission Statement
    The District 200 School Psychology Department’s mission is to provide academic, social and emotional support for all students by promoting the problem solving process to identify students’ learning styles and emotional needs. Thus, we endorse and provide effective research-based interventions to aid in supporting students’ unique needs. Further, we strive to foster appropriate pro social skills and independence in all students from preschool through young adulthood.
    The Role of a School Psychologist
    The role of a District 200 School Psychologist is multifaceted and may vary according to grade level and building. Below is a list of what school psychologists can provide:
    • Academic, social emotional, and/ or vocational assessments through the problem solving process.
    • Assistance in the development and/or implementation of academic and social emotional interventions.
    • Advocacy for all students- recognizing the CUSD 200 community’s multiculturalism.
    • Collaboration and/ or consultation with parents, teachers, and other district support staff, and outside agencies.
    • Crisis counseling and support.
    • Individual and/or group counseling for all students.
    • Foster relationships with families to aid in the home/ school connection.
    • School liaison with outside community agencies.
    • Facilitate building problem solving, Section 504, and special education meetings.
    Please visit the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) website Here for additional resources for parents and educators.
    Practicum & Internship Opportunities
    To find your school psychologist, contact your child's school or visit the individual school's website.
    John Di Sanza, School Psychology Department Chair
    Tel. 630-784-7330 Email: John.Disanza@cusd200.org