• Technology Club meets on Thursdays after school. At its core, it is a technology forum for middle school students. Kids are encouraged to exchange ideas and ask questions about any technology that interests them. Students with common interests can form small groups and investigate a project they would like to build. Since students must bring their own materials, they are advised to avoid extravagant or expensive projects, keeping the scope of work within reason for middle school students (no fusion reactors, time machines or anti-gravity boots!). This year we hope to work with Raspberry Pi and Arduino controllers to create working, programmable models for such things as a coin-operated styrofoam cooler soda machine. We also have a Cozmo robot and a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot for students to build their programming skills. Our 3D printer that the PTA purchased for the school allows us to create parts for projects of our own design. Projects provide an opportunity for students to learn basic electronics, shop skills, engineering design and even computer programming. Club members look to do-it-yourself websites such as instructables.com and makeazine.com for inspiration and easy-to-follow instructions.







Last Modified on September 10, 2018