• School Information

    Hubble Middle School was initially located in the original Wheaton Community High School, built in 1925.  In 1964, it became known as Wheaton Central High School. In 1992, the building was converted into a middle school. It was named for the astronomer Edwin Hubble, a Wheaton native and graduate of Wheaton Community High School. Our current building was completed to open the 2009-2010 school year.

       The new Hubble is one of the few schools to meet the LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) qualifications. Some of the sustainable features are:the mechanical system is 20% more efficient than the standard systems

    • the landscaping is drought-resistant, with permeable asphalt that reduces water runoff and "bioswales" that filter the run-off before it enters the storm water system
    • a 5-acre drainage ditch with wetland plants to clean and soak up the water
    • a green roof that can be used as a classroom
    • a white "cool roof" which will reflect sunlight and be a more efficient source for air conditioning
    • low-flow plumbing fixtures
    • enhanced lighting controls utilizing as much natural light as possible
    • a daylight harvesting system which uses sunlight instead of artificial light
    • preferred parking for the teachers fuel-efficient vehicles
    • building material content is mostly recycled, and environmental issue are displayed throughout the school
    • the gym and other classrooms are equipped with sound-absorbing holes in the wall to enhance acoustics
    • most classrooms have large windows or skylights, which lighten allow natural light.

       Other design features include extended classroom space so that teachers can let students work in the halls. The teachers can supervise the students due to the large glass windows. The cafeteria seats up to 340 students at a time, and the hot lunch lines are carefully organized so that students can easily reach everything. The recycling, composting, and garbage system is efficient and green. We are very proud of our building and grounds; you are welcome to come for a tour!

Last Modified on July 9, 2020