• "The pretend warrior tries to conquer others; the real warrior tries to conquer himself."

    6th grade? Wow. Regardless of how you feel about being at Monroe, one thing is for sure: I am happy to have you in class. I mean that. You may be wondering how I can say that when I really don't even know you yet. Well, I have been teaching for a long time, and I can tell you that every student adds something to the class. What you add is up to you, but you are a vital and important part of what we do. I've never met a student whom I wish I hadn't met. For reals.

    So, where's this free advice? Ok. Here ya go. Take it or leave it. It's worth as much as you paid for it.
    1. Learn to love your assignment notebook. I will require it in class, so you might as well make it work for you and see the beauty in keeping track of pretty much everything in one place. Happiness.
    2. Get really good at opening your locker. I can help you with this, but you'll work on it during Foundations for a while.
    3. Try some new things. Whether it's a new activity, new friends, or a new attitude -- a new school is the perfect opportunity to take some positive risks. Get outside your comfort zone.
    4. Set goals and reflect on how you are doing. What do you want out of your middle school experience? How will you get there? "See it in your mind, get it in your life."
    5. Talk to the adults in your life who care about you if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help. Sometimes problems seem huge, when really what we need is someone to figure things out with us. Go to a teacher you trust, or see the counselor. Parents are great resources, too. You are old enough to speak up if something is wrong, or you are confused.
    Take control of your time at school and work to make things the way you want them to be!
    (My Uncle Steve designed the image on this page. Pretty cool, right? I can get you a hard copy of it if you want one.)
Last Modified on August 12, 2012