• Believe it or not, I was in 6th grade once-upon-a-time!
    Yes, it was a long time ago -- I'll let you do the math. But I remember it like it was yesterday. [The pictures on this page are from my 6th grade year book.]
    I lived in Coral Gables , Florida with my mom and dad, my sister - Libby, and our dog - Chip. Sunset Elementary was about 15 minutes from my house; it cost 5 cents for the city bus to take me there.
    Because I was a patrol, my mom usually drove me to school. I also started singing in girls' chorus in elementary school, and I sang for many years - all the way through choir and show choir at Wheaton North. Another thing I remember about 6th grade was that we got out early every Wednesday so the teachers could have meetings!
    6th grade
    Mrs. Miller was my 6th grade teacher. We wrote copiously for her, and she read fabulous books to us. My favorite was The Lion's Paw, which I bought on E-Bay a few years ago so I could read it to my students! 
    As 6th graders, we were the oldest in the school. Seventh graders went to George Washington Carver Jr. High, 8th and 9th graders went to Ponce De Leon Jr. High, and then they went on to Coral Gables High School for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Elementary was a mish-mosh of schools, too.
    In the early 70s, Dade County implemented busing to desegregate the public schools. Kids were bused to different neighborhoods for school every couple of years. Some parents didn't like that and sent their kids to private schools. I will be forever grateful to my parents that they sent me to Sunset. I have been a die-hard public education supporter ever since!
    bush's class
    Our principal, Miss Flora Sampson, was an amazing woman. Standing all of about 5 feet tall, she didn't take guff from anybody -- there were some tough and troubled kids at Sunset. When I was in 6th grade, Miss Sampson lead the boys' and girls' choruses - taking us all over the city for performances, as well as directed A Christmas Carol for our school play. (I was Mrs. Cratchit!) She inspired me in so many ways -- at the time I had no idea how much.
    Isn't it crazy to think that one day you will be an old person like me and look back on this year? What will you remember from 6th grade?
    And of course, I have to include Mr. Bush's class. They beat us all the time at kick ball. Playing his class scared me because some of the kids would kick the ball a thousand miles an hour. If you tried to catch it, it would knock the wind out of you!
Last Modified on May 30, 2011