Student Permissions

  • Please carefully read the below information before making your selection in the Student Permissions section in ParentVUE 

    Student Directory Information Release 

    Federal Law requires that District 200, with certain exceptions, obtain your consent prior to the disclosure of personal identifiable information from your child's education records. However, District 200 may disclose appropriately designated "directory information" without your consent, unless you advise the district to the contrary. The primary purpose of directory information is to allow District 200 to include this type of information from your child's education records in certain school publications. For example:

    • PTA Directory
    • A playbill showing your student's name in a drama or musical production
    • The yearbook
    • Class lists
    • Honor roll or recognition lists
    • Graduation or promotion programs
    • Sports or co-curricular activity sheets such as wrestling, football, marching band or student council
    • District 200 has designated the following information as "directory information:" Student's name and address, parent telephone number, parent email, participation in school-recognized sports and activities, weight and height (members of athletic teams), gender, photograph, video or digital images used for informational or news-related purposes, degrees, honors and awards, major field of study, dates of attendance at school, date and place of birth, grade level, and most recent educational agency attended.


    Acceptable Use Policy and Waiver 

    District 200 would like your acknowledgment of our acceptable use policy regarding electronic network/internet use within the district along with the steps the district takes to safeguard students while online.  When a student uses our electronic networks, they agree with the following statements:

    I understand and will abide by the rules and regulations contained in the district's policy and administrative regulations regarding Internet and electronic network use. The policy and administrative regulations may be accessed online at

    I understand that access to the internet is designed for educational purposes and that the district has taken precautions to eliminate controversial materials. However, I also recognize it is impossible for the district to restrict access to all such materials, and I will hold the district harmless, its employees, agents, or board members, for any harm caused by materials or software obtained via the internet. As a parent or guardian, I accept full responsibility for supervision if and when my child's use of the internet is not in the school setting.

    Student Work and Photo Release 

    I understand that student work (i.e. creative writing, visual arts) and pictures of students may occasionally appear in school or district publications (a collection of student art work or writings, a student drawing on a music program handout) or web sites. No consent or notice is needed before the school uses such material if the student is not identified. Parental permission is required if a student or his / her work is identified by name in a publication or web site. While the school limits access to buildings by outside photographers, it has no control over news media or other entities that may publish a picture of a named or unnamed student.

    In accordance with the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, District 200 will release student information, consisting of student names, addresses and phone numbers, to military recruiters and / or institutions of higher education upon their request. Information received by official recruiting representatives shall be used only for the purpose of providing information to students about career and educational opportunities available.

    However, under the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, parents/guardians may request that their child's information not be released to institutions of higher education and/or military recruiters. Should you or your child decide that you do not want this information released to military recruiters and / or institutions of higher education, you must indicate that you do not grant that permission.