• Jefferson Early Childhood Center is operated by Wheaton-Warrenville School District 200.  We serve children both with and without disabilities between the ages of 3-5 who reside within district boundaries.  

    District 200 is committed to the universal educational goal which ensures that all students will be college and career ready. Research confirms that the road to college and career readiness begins in preschool.  Each staff member at Jefferson Early Childhood Center is committed to each child's learning and continues to provide high quality instruction, continuous support and effective interventions which make a positive and significant imact on each child's current and future success.

    The preschool curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Early Learning and Developmental Standards and establishes a solid educational foundation which emphasizes skill development in the areas of speech/language, social/emotional, readiness and physical skill development.

    Jefferson Early Childhood Center is committed to home-school collaboration which is linked to improved student achievement. Parent education workshops, parent networking groups and regular two way communication with staff are critical components of the program.  Jefferson families also enjoy an extremely active and dedicated PTA committed to enhancing the educational experience for all Jefferson students and families.

    Free Developmental Screening is available to all families residing in the CUSD 200 attendance area and who have children between the ages of three to five. The purpose of developmental screening is to identify and assist children who may have potential learning difficulties. Areas screened include speech/language, vision and hearing, readiness and motor skill development.

    Additional information regarding preschool screening and our program may be obtained through our website or by contacting our preschool office directly at 630-682-2474 or the Diagnostic Evaluation Team at 630-682-2109.


    Dr. Mary Davis, Principal

    Jefferson Early Childhood Center

Last Modified on June 20, 2022