• Academics/Counting and Math
    Animal Circus-  This app is approximately $2.99. It works on lots of concepts like most/least, completing puzzles, simple math, sequencing and letter/word recognition. Fun animal rewards. Would suggest adult facilitation, especially to start.
    Counting Lite- This app is free.  It is a counting game that also displays numbers.  There is an easier and harder level.
    Baby Counting (Landee Kids)- This is an inexpensive app that works on numeral recognition and counting.  There is also a higher level very simple addition and subtraction activity.  It has very colorful graphics.
    Grandpa's Workshop- This inexpensive app is a favorite of the kids!  It works on quantity concepts, simple fractions while cutting wood, measuring with numerals, recognizing vocabulary.  The great thing about this app is that there are actual videos demonstrating use of tools, like you would see at Home Depot or on TV!
    Grandma's Garden-  This app is $2.99.  It works on shapes, same/different, counting, recognizing sets, and there is a video about how a flower grows, like you would see on YouTube!
     123 Writing-  This app works on counting as well as the opportunity to recognize and practice writing numerals.
    Candy Advanced (Camigo Kids)- This app works on sorting, counting, and concepts like more, less, most, least.  This is one of the kids' favorites!
    Shape Sorter (Croco Studio)- This app works on simple sorting by shape and color.  It has sound effects which the kids really enjoy. 
    Numbers-This app is free. app has three sections; numbers, games, and music. Numbers area works in identification and 1:1 correspondence. In the games area, I recommend the games "pop" and "fling". The music area is great too!

    Abby Match Basic Skills- This app is free. Uses  train theme to work on matching, colors, shapes, and patterns.
    Amazing Shape Puzzle- This app is free. Choose from a variety of scenes including transportation, bakery, solar system, and more. Then choose your favorite 5-12 piece puzzle. Great for vocabulary practice as well.
    Toddler Puzzle Shapes- This app is free.  Practices receptive understanding of basic shapes while providing errorless learning. 
    Annie's Picking Apples (Real Fun Learning)- This free app is a fun color sorting activity that is timed, so it is a game that the kids love.
    Color Slapps- This is a very basic app that introduces colors in a very simple fashion.  
     Academics/Literacy and Alphabet Activities
    I Like Books (Grasshopper Apps)- This is a more expensive app, but it is well worth it!  It is a Grasshopper Apps.  There are mini books with actual photos about so many subjects.  You can choose to read it to your child, put it on autoplay, or your child can read it to you.  It is one of my favorites!
    I'm In Traveling-  This is such a fun app!  It allows you to take your child's picture and insert it into the pictures in the story so that they are actually the one in all the vehicles.  They love it!
    Miss Spiders Tea Party- This app is free.  Choose the "watch" tab and enjoy an interactive story about a spider using numbers to help tell the story. 
    Photo Touch ABC Alphabet-  This app works on letter identification, phonics, and how to form letters.
    ABC Touch- This app has children locate specified letters of the alphabet.  Very basic way to introduce letters of the alphabet and for repeated practice. 
    Alphabet Train- this is a watch and learn activity where the letter and a picture that starts with that letter are riding on the train together.  The letters go in consecutive order when scrolled left to right. 
    ABCs and Me- this inexpensive app has a variety of very basic colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabet pictures for the kids to scroll through.  This is a watch and learn activity. 
    Little Writer (Alligator Apps)- This app allows kids to learn how to form and write letters in a very fun and interactive way!
    Touch and Write (FizzBrain)-   This app allows kids to learn how to form and write letters in a very fun and interactive way!
    Emotions (Alligator Apps)- This app helps children learn to identify emotions using real photos of children with a variety of expressions.
    Positive Penguins-  This app also teaches about emotions and has some fun games as well.
    Likety Split- This is a GREAT app with a timer to use while your child is cleaning up, brushing teeth, getting ready for bed, etc.  This is a classroom favorite and a great classroom management and home management strategy!  They love it!
    Miscellaneous and Music

    Preschool Memory Match- This app is free. Recommend using on easy level; 12 cards. Easy to see and identify pictures.
    Thomas and Friends Engine Activities- This app is free. Thomas themed matching, puzzle work, and painting

    The Wheels on the Bus-This app is free. Several activities included in this app!  Choose between vocab practice, partner car racing, memory and puzzle games, coloring, and The Wheels on the Bus song.
    Timmy's Preschool Adventure(Tantrum Apps)- This app is free. It has shape and color matching, puzzles, dot-to-dots, patterning, and coloring pages.  It has very cute and colorful graphics and calming music.
    Peekaboo HD-  This app is a sound guessing game.  A sound plays and the child guesses what it might be before revealing the picture.
    Creating a Jack-O-Lantern- on parents.com
    Splingo"s Language Universe-This app is about $2.99. Super fun app for working on receptive language and concepts. Requires adult facilitation at first. Fun rewards that kids love.
    Fine Motor
    There are several apps that entice children to persist with, practice, and develop visual motor and visual perceptual skills.  Keep in mind that we still want children to develop tool control when using a writing tool.  There are several styluses available on the market.  I've provided a link to one that I currently use in the classroom on the OT corner.  I encourage you to use apps as a starting point, then work with your child to transfer the skills when using crayons and paper.
    Little Writer-This app is free. Use finger to complete some prewriting shapes as well as letters, numbers and whole words.
    Doodoo Lite - This app is free.  Provides changing backgrounds and line types while the child draws.  You can also import pictures to trace or to draw on.
    Letter School - There is a free lite version and $2.99 full version.  You can chose the handwriting curriculum you are looking to practice.  There are motivating songs and visuals that reinforce children as they practice tracing paths with correct directionality.
    Injini Lite - This app is free and provides a variety of visual perceptual and visual motor skils including matching, puzzles, and tracing.  Language concepts are also embedded into the activities.
    Fun Bubbles Lite - This app is free. Use index finger point to make bubbles and pop them.  Works on visual motor control and finger control.
    123 Writing- This is an inexpensive app that allows kids to trace numbers and number words in the color of their choice.