• FAQ's Regarding Developmental Screening

    Why should I have my child screened?

    The purpose of the screening is to see if your child is meeting their developmental milestones.  Call us at 630-682-2109 or complete the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) and  the interactive online questionnaire with your child.   https://asqonline.com/family/759507   

    Will a developmental screening tell me if my child is ready for Kindergarten?

    Children will be screened in the areas of speech, language, hearing, vision, motor skills, play skills and cognitive skills to detect possible developmental delays. This screening will NOT determine whether a child is ready for kindergarten.   After January 15, parents who have children  who will be kindergarten age in the next school year  are asked to  call their area elementary school to inquire about Kindergarten Roundup and Kindergarten Visitation.

     Who will do the screening?

     Members of the Jefferson Early Childhood Center Preschool Diagnostic Team as well as Special Education Teaching Teams will complete the screening. The Diagnostic team includes: A Special Education Teacher, Speech and Language Pathologist, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, and School Nurse. Physical and Occupational Therapists are included as needed.

    When will I get the results?

    A member of the diagnostic team will make every attempt to convey results within 2 weeks of the screening. You will be contacted by mail and depending on the results you may receive a phone call from a member of the diagnostic team.

    I may need to cancel a scheduled meeting; whom shall I call?

    Call the Jefferson Diagnostic Team at 630-682-2109

Last Modified on September 10, 2014