Last Fall's book fair was a tremendous success.  The many purchases made by Jefferson families earned over $1200 worth of books for our school library.  Our Jefferson teachers chose many fun new books that will be added to our library soon.  The books cover many topics and will be a wonderful addition to the Science and Social Studies curriculum.
    How can you support the Jefferson Early Childhood Center PTA?
    Since Jefferson is typically a two-year school for most students, we need families to get involved as quickly as possible.  It's a great opportunity to learn about the PTA in a smaller, friendly group before joining the much larger Elementary School PTA.


    • Become a Member of the Jefferson PTA-- By simply joining the PTA and submitting your membership dues of $15, you are helping our mission to provide over 14 programs and activities a year that directly benefit Jefferson Preschoolers and the entire Jefferson community.   You contribute to the cause without giving up a minute of your time!
    • Donate your time, talents, skills and abilities to the PTA-- The PTA is completely dependent upon volunteers to plan and run all our programs and activities.  We invite you to get involved by donating your time and talents.  Please don't hesitate because you've never gotten involved before.  No matter how much or how little time you have, we welcome you!
    Whether you want to Chair a program or simply lend a hand at an event, the amount of time you choose to commit is completely up to you. All of your help directly benefits the Jefferson ECC family.


    Take a look at all the events and programs planned for this school year.  If you find an area that interests you, fill out the volunteer form online or send in the paper form to school in your child's backpack.
Last Modified on August 4, 2019