Due and Scholarship Reception:
    Every spring, we celebrate our PTA scholarship winners at our annual reception. Please submit dues payment to our Council Treasurer before October 31, 2017.  Dues plus reception fee is $170 per local unit.


    Expense vouchers must be competed by all individuals seeking reimbursement of expenses for Council related events and programs. Vouchers must be signed by committee chairs and include receipts for purchases.  We are a tax exempt organization and, therefore, do NOT reimburse sales tax. To obtain our Tax Exempt letter for transactions, please contact Diane Little at diane.m.little@gmail.com.

    Expense Vouchers can be turned in to our Council Treasurer at our monthly meetings.

    Expense Voucher



    Deposit Vouchers should be filled out and money counted by both the submitting chair and treasurer.  If a deposit needs to be made, please contact Diane Little at diane.m.little@gmail.com.


    Deposit Voucher

Last Modified on September 13, 2017