• Popcorn Word Chants!

    Word chants are a great way to review Popcorn Words (or Sight Words) and their spellings. Try to pick one chant a day and work on five words. Keep a list of all the words you chant and see how many days it takes you to chant all of the words on the list and then start over.


    Clap each letter.


    Stomp each letter.

    Dribble and Shoot:

    Dribble the letters and shoot the word.


    Hold your nose and spell it.


    squeaky voice with hands curled up by face.


    in robotic voice with arms moving back and forth


    arms folded up to make wings and head moving forward

    Cheer It:

    Like a cheerleader, alternate arms and shoot into the air.


    Start out as a whisper, get louder with each letter, and explode

    when you say the last letter.

    Frog Jumps:

    Start standing up, as you sat each letter crouch down a little

    farther, jump into the air at the end as you say the word.

    Jumping Jacks:

    One letter for each movement.


    Hang on to ‘handlebars’ and pretend that you are doing



    One push up for every letter


    Pat your head for tall letters, tummy for short letters and knees for

    letters that go below the line.

    Box It:

    Pretend to be a boxer and spell.

    Marshmallow clap:

    Almost clap, but stop before your hands touch. Say

    each letter.

    Batter Up:

    Get into the batting position and swing on each letter.

    SLOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW. Hold the sound of the letter or

    a few seconds like sit... s...............i................t................!

    Toe Touches:

    Cross the midline and touch each opposite toe for each



    Throw each letter out Frisbee style.

    Imaginary Chalkboard:

    Children pretend a chalkboard is in front of them.

    Write each letter on the chalkboard, making letters large. When you finish

    each word, pretend to erase it.

    Tigger Bounce:

    Bounce up and down for each letter.

    Alligator Clap:

    Open and close arms for each letter.

    Pumping Iron:

    Pretend to lift weights, one rep for each letter.