• Health Requirements for Elementary School Attendance and Helpful Information

    Physical examinations are required for early childhood kindergarten, kindergarten and for students entering school for the first time. Physicals must be completed no earlier than one year prior to the student’s first day of school. Students transferring from an Illinois school may submit the physical on file from the previous school. Out of state/country transfer students must present a health examination that was completed within one year prior to entry into an Illinois school on a form comparable to the Illinois physical form. New students have a thirty (30) day grace period to provide evidence of a physical examination and immunizations. For safety considerations, students may not participate in physical education class until the required physical form is on file in the health office.

    Download a school physical form here (State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination):


    Immunizations are required for school attendance. Refer to this website for specific
    requirements for school entry: http://www.idph.state.il.us/about/shots.htm

    Medical or religious objections to any immunization(s) must be submitted in writing and approved by the district committee.

    Dental examinations are required for kindergarten and second grade students. The dental
    exam must be conducted within one year of May 15 of the current school year.
    Download a dental examination form here (State of Illinois Proof of Dental Exam Form):


    Eye examinations are required for students entering school (in Illinois) for the first time
    (Kindergarten or out-of state transfer):


    Medications: In order for students to receive any medication at school, you and your doctor must complete the district’s medication order form.

    Asthma: The incidence of school-age children with asthma has been increasing. A medication order is required for any medication to be given at school.

    Download an asthma action plan here (Illinois Department of Public Health Asthma Action Plan):


    Food/Peanut/Tree Nut Allergies: Please notify the health office if your child has any type of severe food allergy that may require emergency attention. For additional information on food allergies please visit: http://www.foodallergy.org

    Download an allergy action plan here: http://www.foodallergy.org/downloads/FAAP.pdf

    Communicable Disease: Please call the school if your child has or is being treated for any childhood or communicable disease such as strep throat, scarlet fever, head lice, pink eye, ringworm, chicken pox, fifth’s disease, hand, foot and mouth disease. Thank you for your help in keeping our school a healthy school!

    Guidelines to consider when sending your child to school:

    • Children should be free of fever, vomiting or diarrhea (without the use of medication) for 24 hours before returning to school. A temperature of 100 F by mouth or 99 F under the arm is considered a fever.
    • A rash or open sores(s) that appear infected needs to be evaluated by a physician. A doctor’s note clearing the child’s return to school is required.
    • Keep your child home if cold symptoms are serious enough to interfere with your child’s ability to keep up with the school day.
    • If a diagnosis of a communicable disease is made requiring treatment with an antibiotic the child should remain home until treated with the medication for a full 24 hours.

    Vision & Hearing Screenings are conducted by the DuPage County Health Department. All special education students, kindergartners, second graders, and students new to the district will be screened for vision and hearing. First and third graders will be screened for hearing. A nurse will be contracted to conduct vision screening for fourth grade students. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s vision or hearing, please contact the health office.

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Last Modified on November 8, 2010