• Look what's going on in Physical Education!
    First Trimester:
    •  Primary (K-2) classes will review expectations, directions, levels, pathways, & locomotor movements.
    • All classes will play large group games (i.e. tag games, Snow White, American Eagle, Steal The Football etc).
    • All classes will work on eye-hand coordination using tossing, throwing & catching skills with different types & sizes of balls.
    • All classes will work on eye-foot coordination using different kicking & soccer skills.All classes will work on striking with body parts using different balls & balloons. Classes will use volleyball skills to work on keeping ball/balloon in the air & trying to "strike" over a net
    • .Intermediate (3-5) classes will use these different skills to participate in modified game-type activities of soccer, football, lacrosse, & volleyball. 
    • The primary (K-2) classes will focus on individual & partner skill work.
    • On Wednesdays, all classes will do "popsicle stick" running days. Each student is encouraged to learn to pace themselves, & try to collect as many popsicle sticks as they can during their gym period. Each week students can try to improve! A log will be kept for each student to see their progress throughout the quarter! 
    • Different fitness components will be incorporated into lessons each week! Expect to get your heart pumping & muscles working!
    • "Fun Fridays" - it is always fun to finish out the week with a fun, large group game that incorporates some of the skills that classes have been working on! I have some fun, new games that I am excited to give a try!!
    Mark your calendar:
    • Mile By Mile Running Club -- every Monday & Friday mornings 8:30AM-9AM beginning on 9/9- 11/4. ALL STUDENTS WELCOME!! Parents are invited to help mark cards.
    • 4th &5th Grade Lunch Intramurals - 4th & 5th grade students are invited to participate in soccer intramurals during their lunch recess. Games begin 9/6!
Last Modified on July 9, 2016