• Daily Homework
    While there may be specific homework on any given night, here are the following tasks that should be done every night:
    - Reading:  Read for 30 minutes every night.  The most important way to become a better reader is practice, so read!  If possible, talk to a family member or friend and tell them about what you are reading.  Have them ask you some questions about it.  You could read your library book or work on your monthly genre project, which is due at the end of each month.
    - Math: Practice math facts.  Multiplication and Division especially should be practiced, but even throw in some addition and subtraction as a review to keep getting faster.  Use flash cards, have a competition with a friend, or play math fact games online to continue getting faster at math facts, which will help you do better in math class!
    Weekly Homework
     -Friday Folders: Please read the entries in the Friday Folders.  Students reflect on what they have done well, what they have learned, and what they want to improve upon for the upcoming week.  I write a note letting parents know how their student did that week with effort, behavior, homework, and participation.  Please review the notes as a family and read my newsletter to see what students are learning.  Try the bonus questions in the newsletters together!
    -Typing: Practice typing a letter, an essay, or just for fun to improve keyboarding skills.  If you do not have a computer or tablet at home, go to the library or someone's house to practice your skills whenever possible.  Typing accuracy and fluency is an important skill that will help students in the future!
    Responsible 5th grade students do all of these things to practice and continue getting better as readers, writers, and mathematicians.  Trust me, you will see the difference as you improve!