Spectacular Cell Projects!
    Tony made a cell out of jello!                             Gracie made her cell out of a grapefruit!
    Chase made a supersized cell.                            Gabriela made a very detailed cell.
    Rosetta's cell is 3D!
    Mighty Acorns in the Fall
    Fourth graders work with the Conservation Foundation learning about and restoring our prairie and wetland at Johnson School. 
    Gabriela cuts down teasle, an invasive plant.    Chase destroys the invader!
    Jackson gets attacked by a hitchhiker!
    3 girlsMichelle
    Mayra, Michelle, and Lili take a break from work!  Michelle discovered she likes using tools.
    Rosetta takes some notes about nature.
    Alex and JesusLuz
    Alex and Jesus found a cool leaf.                        Luz and Mayra are having a great day!
    Every Friday we try to relax and review math concepts with math games at stations. Fun!

              Evie, Edward, Luz, and Jackson are playing digit draw.
    Evie, Edward, Luz, and Jackson are having fun while playing digit draw.  It looks like Edward has the digits!

    dice addition

    Jesus C., Bryan, Alex, and Jesus G. are busy adding some HUGE numbers at the dice station.

    Tony and Gabriela are playing addition war.  I wonder who is winning?

    It looks like Jordan and Jefferey are getting serious at the rounding station.