• Spelling Word Families

    In first Grade we study "Spelling Families" as a way of learning to spell all of the words we will use in our reading and writing.  Please remember, we stress in 1st Grade that it is more important to learn the strategies for spelling.Here are some spelling families we'll be studying this year:
                    _ap / at
          i.e.-  cap / hat
                    _am / ag
          i.e.-  slam / brag
                    _in / ig
          i.e.-  chin / dig
                    _ack / ick
          i.e.-  crack / stick
                    -all / ill
          i.e.-  small / thrill

    We also have six or seven "bonus" words each week that do not follow the "spelling family" rules, but truly help with reading and writing fluency.  These are the words most commonly used in 1st Grade texts.  If your child struggles with spelling these bonus words, don't worry...focus on learning to read these words at a glance instead!
    Look forward to your child talking about our Big Book of Bonus Words!
    It can be used to review the words we've already covered...
    and can also be used to look ahead to those we'll study in the future.