• Classroom Schedule
    Each day the first graders engage in meaningful acticitivies and work together to learn.  Below are the different activities throughout the day: 
    Our day begins with Table Tubs which allows students to work together with hands on activities practicing skills. 
    Morning Meeting & Calendar time is when we are able to work on skills that include: patterns, counting, shapes, weather, number relationships- such as greater than/less than, 10 more/10 less, number bonds.
     Throughout the day, we work with both fiction and nonfiction texts. 
    During this time, we are able to work on decoding strategies, comprehension strategies, and reading skills.  During writing, we focus on different types of writing, adding details, and grammar.  
    During Phonemic Awareness, we learn letter names, letter sounds, blending sounds, segmenting sounds, rhyming words and sentence fluency.  We also work on our district sight words, as well as, spelling patterns.
    Math includes using hands on activities to build number sense, geometry, addition and subtraction, patterns, sorting and vocabulary.  We work on building our number sense, math fact fluency and patterns in math.  Throughout our lessons, we use hands on learning to help us learn these concepts.  
    In addtion to our learning standards, it is important for us to work on social and behavior skills as well.  We focus on having a growth mindset, expected and unexpected behaviors, empathy toward others, and how to solve problems.