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     Welcome to the best 5th grade ever!!!  2022=2023
     Name: Mrs. Hall
     Grade/Subject: All
    This week your child will participate in an Olympic activity to support teamwork.  They will compete and work together to win a physical and mental competition.  
    In math, we are working on multiplication and division of fractions.  We completed our unit in volume, but in order not to forget what they learned, they will see volume on homework.  This homework should not take more than 20 minutes.  I do give them time in class at the end of the day to get started on their homework.  
    In social studies, we are studying the Progressive Era.  This is an important unit that focuses on the question, "When is change necessary?"  
    In writing, we are working on gathering information on women who made a difference in history.  Every student has read a book about the women they choose to study.  They are now completing an essay on what changes the person they choose has made to all of us.  Finally, they will present their knowledge of this person to the class. 
    In reading, we will work on key ideas, quoting from the text, identifying themes, and comparing and contrasting text structure, vocabulary, and point of view.  For the next several weeks, students will be reading WW2 novels.  
    In science this month, we will be working on Earth Systems.  Students will read and create projects focusing on the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, and biosphere.  
    Homework - Students often have a short math sheet for homework that will need to be completed nightly.  Also, if there is a test, please ensure your student studies.  Finally, make sure your child is reading for at least 30 minutes every day.  
    Writing - Narrative, Opinion, Informational
    Math - FRACTIONS is a huge part of our curriculum, along with decimals, multiplication, and division.
    Social Studies - WW2 and the Progressive Era
    Science - Eco-Systems, Earth Systems, Matter

         Dates to remember -   Parent-teacher conferences.  Oct. 12, 18th and 20th 

                                               Halloween Parties - Oct. 31st