• Donations to the Library

    We welcome anything you might donate to our school library.
    Donations can be left in the school office or library.

    Below is the standard process anything donated to the school library goes through.

    Donations Process
    1. Materials are brought to the library
    2. As the librarian's schedule allows items are reviewed*
    *Materials are checked to see that they fall within the district's selection policy
    *If the library already owns an item circulation records are checked to see if there is a need for multiple copies
    *If the library already owns an item and multiple copies are not needed then the library material's condition is compared with donated item's condition and the best of the two is kept
    3. Items being kept are then processed to become part of the library's collection
    If the name of the person or family donating the item is known then when processed the items will receive a "donated by" note that includes the name and date.
    4. Books that are not kept to add to the library collection are put out for teachers and other building staff members to have the opportunity to take to add to their classroom collections
    5. Any materials not taken by building staff members are donated to other buildings in the school district or taken to a donation facility such as SCARCE

    Our Library's Wish Lists

    At any given time there are several items the library would love to have. 
    If you are interested in making a specific donation to our school library please take a look at the links below.

    Barnes & Noble Wishlists
    Books can be purchased through the below link, through the school library by contacting Mrs. Gartke, or your preferred bookstore.
    Replacement Books
    (A New Copy of An Old Favorites)
    Audio Books
    (Building a Listening Library)

    Digital Wish

    (link will be available soon)