The ABC’s of Sandburg School


    Activity Fair (all parents)

    Held on the first day of school for parents to become familiar with Sandburg, the PTA and Sandburg families. Meet in the multipurpose room for coffee
    and making new friends. Sponsored by the PTA.

    Art to Remember (all grades):

    Students work on an art project, with the help of our art teacher, that is turned into keepsakes and gifts you can purchase. This is also a school fundraiser held in the
    fall or winter.

    Band and Orchestra (gr.5)

    Self-­‐elected instrumental music enrichment. Students choose and rent instruments and receive weekly lessons.


    Before and after school program is offerend to Sandburg families neededing before and/or after school care. The program runs on school days from 7:00-9:00 a.m and from 3:30-6:00 pm in the Art Room. Fees are $9.50 per session, per child.

    Boy/Cub Scouts (gr.1-5)

    Meetings held after school in the Multi-purpose room for students interested in the Boy/Cub Scouts

    Brownies (gr 2-3)

    Interested girls attend meetings after school in the multi purpose room. This is a parent volunteer program.

    Car Line

    The drop off/pik up line that forms on Woodlawn north of Sandburg. This is the only on-site locations to drop off students.

    Chess Club (gr K-5)

    Interested students meet once weekly to practive the game and learn new techniques. Meets before school, 8:30-9:00, and is a parent volunteer club.

    Chorus (gr. 4&5)

    Interested students meet once weekly during lunch throughout the tear. Chorus performs at the Holiday Program at the Ice Cream Social at the end of the year.

    Cultural Arts (all grades)

    A program to enrich students understanding of different cultures. Multi-cultural night is held in the Spring. This is a PTA sponsored event.

    Curriculum Night (all grades) 

    Within the first two weeks of school parents are invited to attend an evening presentation by their student's classroom teacher regarding curriculum and expectations.

    Daisy Scouts (gr. 5-1) 

    Interested girls attend meetings after school in the multi-purpose room. This is a parent volunteer program


    Student drop off starts at 9:00 am in th emarked drop-off/pick-up zone near door 12. The only place to pick up your student is the marked zone near door 12

    ELL(all grades)

    English Language Learners

    Exploremore Day (all grades)

    Day long fun event held at the end of school year with parents, teachers and community members as instructors of classes from bingo to sand art and so much more.

    Family Movie Night (All grades)

    Parents and students are invited to participate in Sandburg's Family Night each spring. Sponsored by the PTA

    Girl Scouts (gr 4&5)

    Interested girls attend meetings afterschool in the multi purpose room. This is a parent volunteer program.

    Halloween Parade (all grades)

    On Halloween students are invited to wear their costumes after lunch and march in the Halloween parade around Sandburg Parents are invited to watch. Afterward, students return to their classrooms for parties.

    Holiday Program (all grades)

    During music classes, students learn holiday songs that are presented at this evening concert in December. Sandburg Band, Orchestra, and Chorus also perform. Parents are invited to come.

    Ice Cream Social (all grades)

    The Ice Cream Social is part of the Sandburg's Fine Arts Night. Usually held in April, this is one of the last opportunities to visit school and connect with other families and purchase paperback books. Ths is a PTA sponsored event.

    Kindergarten Schedule 

    AM Kindergarten begins at 9:15 and ends at 11:45 a.m. PM Kindergarten begins at 1:00 p.m. and ends at 3:30pm. All day Kindergarten folls the full day schedule 9:15 am -3:30 p.m


    Library Learning Center

    Mr. Lee (all grades)

    Mr. Lee comes to school and enhances the science curriculum throughout the year. He visits each classroom and does a a special science project. PTA sponsored event.


    The Beep Beep is the monthly school newsletter sent to parents via email. The Beep Beep keeps you up-to-date on school events, PTA meetings, and district wide events.

    Off-Site Drop off/Pick up locations

    Only certain locations are approved for off-site drop-off/pick-up. These locations are on the east side of Herrick road and on Champion Forest. Students can access school grounds via the sidewalk along Jewell Road. Street parking is alos available on Woodlawn, north of the school

    PACE (gr 2-5)

    Program for Accellerated Curriculum Enrichment . The PACE specialist provides a replacement program to enrich and accelerate the learning of children who have been identified in the areas of language arts and mathmatics. Students are tested in 2nd Grade and PACE classes are offerend in grades 3rd-5th.

    Parent/Teacher Conferences (all grades)

    Evening conference between the student's parent(s) and their teacher. Sign-up begins at Curriculum Night- sheets are put out on a table outside the office.

    Reading Specialist (all grades)

    Our reading specialist serves students and faculty as a resource for development of reading and writing skills.

    Roadrunner Relays

    A fun way to raise money for PTA programs. It is our largest fundraiser held in the fall. PTA sponsored event.

    Social Work (all grades)

    Indivudual or small group services are available to help students build stronger relationships and to offer support during a crisis period

    Speech Services (all grades)

    Services are offered to students having documented speech difficulties that interfere with their expressive or receptive language use.

    Specials (all grades)

    Classes worked into th eschool week including: art, computer lab, music and physical education

    Speech and Language Therapy (all grades)

    The school patchologist evaluates and treats students needing help in working on a variety of comminication-based issues.

    Supply Drop-off

    You and your half-day kindergartnerer can drop off school supplies and meet their teacher on the first day of school.

    Trivia Night 

    A fun night out with other Sandburg adults to raise money for our school. PTA Sponsored event.


    The place to go for information on school activities. A staff directory, newsletter, PTA meetings and special events are posted on Sandburgs website. www.cusd200.org/Sandburg. 

    Yearbook (all grades)

    An annual publication for all students to purchase prior to the end of the school year.



Last Modified on October 1, 2018