Students in 3rd through 5th grade are allowed the privilege of riding their bicycles to and from Sandburg School. To make this a safer experience for ALL students, each bicycle rider, along with his/her parent, must sign this “Bicycle Rider's Safety Contract” and agree to the following terms:

    1) I WILL always use care and caution in riding my bicycle to and from Sandburg School.

    2) I WILL be courteous to other bicycle riders and students and will be alert to cars and buses.

    3) I WILL wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet EACH time I ride my bicycle to and/or from school.

    4) I WILL respect the school grounds and property (plants, trees, playground, bicycle racks, etc.).

    5) I WILL follow the directions of the crossing guards, on-duty student safety patrols, staff, and teachers.

    6) I WILL be the only rider on my bicycle (NO DOUBLE-RIDING).

    7) I WILL get off my bicycle and walk it across each street.

    8) I WILL observe all traffic rules and regulations (including traffic signs).

    9) I WILL maintain control of my bike and not ride recklessly. This includes keeping my hands on the handlebars and my feet on the pedals. NO tricks!

    10) I WILL slow down and safely pass any walkers on the sidewalk.

    11) I WILL get off my bicycle and walk it when on school grounds.

    12) I WILL carry my backpack on my back and not ride with oversized or extra items, which might inhibit my riding.

    13) I WILL provide a working lock for my bicycle and lock it up on the bicycle racks.


    My signature indicates that I have read and agree to the above terms in the Bicycle Rider's Safety Contract. I understand that any violation will result in a warning and/or suspension of bicycle riding privileges for a time to be determined by the Sandburg School administration.
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Last Modified on April 8, 2019