2019 - 2020 PTA Committee Chairs

    Committee Name
    5th Grade Coordinator Amy Kipfer
    Art Appreciation Sada Boden
    Art to Remember Diane  Little
    Birthday Books Jennifer Castino
    Birthday Books Carrie Caldarola
    Book Fair Nancy  Harrington
    Book Fair Samia  Bono
    Box Tops Christine Alt
    Council Delegate Jennifer Castino
    Daddy Daughter (VIP) Dance Melissa Claus
    ELL Liasion Yvette  Wedow
    Exploremore Day Erin  Purser
    Exploremore Day Hospitality Julie VanRossum
    Fall Fundraiser-  Road Runner Relay Jaymie  Edwards
    Breakfast with Santa Megan  Vargas
    Cook Night In-Entree Kitchen Leanne  Mitchell
    Family Fundraiser - Cook's Night Off  Beth Powell
    Family Night / Movie Night Laura Kommers
    Hospitality/Baking Beth Powell
    Ice Cream Social Melanie Grussenmeyer
    Library Volunteer Coordinator Julie Van Rossum
    Make-A-Difference Day  Sarah  Rodriguez
    Membership Trish  Boone
    Middle School Liaison Erin Purser
    MultiCultural Event Marny Troutman
    MultiCultural Event Yvette Wedow
    New Family Liason Stephanie  Boike
    New Family Liason Missy Stefanik
    Reflections Steve Boldt
    Room Parent Coordinator Stacey Anderson
    Scholarship (WWPTAC) Carrie Caldarola
    School Directory Trish  Boone
    School Pictures Christine Alt
    School Sign Mindy  Koechling
    School Supply Kits Dolly Zayed
    SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Assembly Brooke Halperin
    Screen Free Week Sarah Rodriguez
    Screen Free Week Katie  Licht
    Special Education Liasion Mindy  Koechling
    Spirit Sales Samantha  Brudzinski
    Staff/Teacher Appreciation Liz  Hoffman
    Trivia Night Kim Warren
    Yearbook Leanne  Mitchell
    Yearbook Cheryl  Kirkton
    Web Master Liz Hoffman
    50th Anniversary Trish  Boone
    Mother Son (VIP) Night Out Michelle Dahlquist
    CC = CO CHAIR  
Last Modified on October 11, 2019