2022-23 PTA Committees and Chairpersons

    This list will be updated shortly after the beginning of the school year. Please be sure to stop by the PTA Activity Fair on the first day of school to sign up to volunteer for some of the following committees!

    Committee Chair/ Co-chairs
    5th Grade Coordinator Mindy Koechling
    5th Grade Farewell Dinner Sada Boden
    Art Appreciation Brian Ives
    Art to Remember Jennifer Novak 
    Birthday Books/ Book Fair Samia Bono
    Birthday Books/ Book Fair Carrie Caldarola 
    Cook's Night Out Beth Powell
    Council Delegate Dawn Fryzek
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Alex Kaleel
    ELL Liaison  *open*
    Exploremore Day Jen Novak
    Exploremore Day Lisa Schulte
    Fall Fundraiser - Read a Thon Liz Hoffman
    Fall Fundraiser - Read a Thon Sarah Rodriguez
    Family Movie Night  *open*
    Hospitality Beth Powell
    Ice Cream Social Beth Powell
    Ice Cream Social Dyani Combs
    Library Volunteer Coordinator Laura Kommers 
    Make-A-Difference Day  Sarah Rodriguez 
    Middle School Liaison Dawn Fryzek
    Multicultural Event Melanie Grussenmeyer 
    Multicultural Event Jessica Wills 
    New Family Liaison Melanie Grussenmeyer
    New Family Liaison Denise Devoy
    Reflections Becky Dandy 
    Room Parent Coordinator Sada Boden
    Scholarship (WWPTAC) Carrie Caldarola 
    School Sign Mindy Koechling 
    School Supply Kits Dolly Zayed
    Screen Free Week Sarah Rodriguez 
    Social Emotion Learning (SEL) Assembly  *open*
    Special Education Liaison Mindy Koechling
    Spirit Wear Sales Sam Brudzinski
    Staff/Teacher Appreciation Liz Hoffman 
    Trivia Night Lindsey Fiore 
    Trivia Night Jessica Belmonte
    VIP Dance Melissa Claus
    VIP Event Michelle Dahlquist 
    VIP Event Denise Devoy
    Webmaster Mindy Koechling
    Wellness  *open*
    Winter Wonderland Becky Dandy
    Yearbook Sarah Rodriguez
Last Modified on September 11, 2022