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    Michelle Cole - Health Aide
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    Our Health Office is staffed all day, every day in the event that your child feels ill or has an emergency at school. 
    If you have any questions regarding physical/ immunization requirements,or would like to share medical concerns that you have for your child, please contact us at 630-682-2222 x5731 or communicate by e-mail by clicking on a name, above.
    Health Requirements for Elementary School Attendance & Helpful Information
    Physical examinations are required for early childhood kindergarten, kindergarten and for students entering school for the first time. Physicals must be completed no earlier than one year prior to the student’s first day of school. Students transferring from an Illinois school may submit the physical on file from the previous school. Out of state/country transfer students must present a health examination that was completed within one year prior to entry into an Illinois school on a form comparable to the Illinois physical form. New students have a thirty (30) day grace period to provide evidence of a physical examination and immunizations. For safety considerations, students may not participate in physical education class until the required physical form is on file in the health office.
    Download a January 2012 revised school physical form here (State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination):
    Immunizations are required for school attendance. Refer to this website for specific
    requirements for school entry: http://www.idph.state.il.us/about/shots.htm
    Dental examinations are required for kindergarten and second grade students. The dental
    exam must be conducted within one year of May 15 of the current school year.
    Download a dental examination form here (State of Illinois Proof of Dental Exam Form): http://www.idph.state.il.us/HealthWellness/oralhlth/DentalExamProof10.pdf
    Eye examinations are required for students entering school (in Illinois) for the first time
    (Kindergarten or out-of state transfer): http://www.idph.state.il.us/HealthWellness/EyeExamReport.pdf
    Medications: In order for students to receive any medication at school, you and your doctor must complete the district’s medication order form:  Medication Administration Forms
    Asthma: If your student has asthma, having an Asthma Action Plan at school means that we will have an awareness of what your child's triggers are and what their "green, yellow, and red" Peak Flow Zones are. The information in an Asthma Action Plan will give us the information we need to take care of your child. Please download and print an Asthma Action Plan here: Asthma Action Plan
    Food/Peanut/Tree Nut Allergies: Please notify the health office if your child has any type of severe food allergy that may require emergency attention. Download a form here: Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan . Your child's medical provider will also need to agree to have this emergency medication available for your child to have at school if needed. Download a Medication Administration in School form here: Medication Administration in School
    Vision & Hearing Screenings are conducted by the DuPage County Health Department. All special education students, kindergartners, second graders, and students new to the district will be screened for vision and hearing. First and third graders will be screened for hearing. District #200 does an extra vision screening for 4th grade students. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s vision or hearing, please contact us and we can screen your child for vision or hearing.

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