• All 2K-ites are assigned to the Basic spelling list. Once those basic words are mastered, the Challenge and Super Challenge list can be explored.

    Please visit www.spellingcity.com/kkaminsk/ for additional practice. This link is located in our Weblinks. Games can be played and tests taken for practice on the site.


    Here are more examples of additional activities that you can do to practice your spelling words. If you turn in your activities, they will be counted toward your effort grade in spelling. Please make sure your name and the title of the activity is on paper you turn in. Have fun mastering the spelling rules each week!

    3 Times Each

    Write each spelling word 3 times each


    Pyramid Words
    Write your words in the shape of a pyramid

    ABC order
    Put your words in ABC order

    Reverse ABC order
    Put your words in reverse ABC order

    Upper and Lower

    First write your spelling words neatly. Then rewrite each spelling word, write the vowels in lowercase and the consonants in uppercase.

    Ex: LoWeR

    Backward Words

    Write your spelling words forward and then backward.

    Ex: where  erehw
    , color   roloc

    Rainbow Words
    Write spelling words using a different color for each letter.

    Write at least 10 sentences, using as many of your spelling words as you can.



    Write a story using at least 10 of this week’s words; underline the words.