Tips for successful internet searching:

    • Google searches over 8 billion websites. This is an overwhelming amount of information. If possible, use a kid-friendly search engine and narrow down the choices.
    • Type in a few keywords and not complete sentences or questions. If you type in a question, you are more likely to find other people asking the same questions and not expert information!
    • Be aware that the first site listed may not be the best- it may be the one that paid the most to appear at the top of the list.
    • Think like an expert- use words or phrases you think the professionals in that field might use.
    • Try different search terms if your first try wasn't helpful.
    • Get specific- add more search terms. If you are searching a broad topic, you may get too many results, so add in a word or two to get more exact results.
    • Know your author. Not everyone who makes a webpage knows what they are talking about. Some sources are better than others. Museums, zoos, governments and universities tend to put out more reliable information.
      Databases for Use: 
    This is an online encyclopedia for children to use. 
    Kid Infobits

    Online research resource:       InfoBits



    Reference Websites:
    **Passwords for home use available through the LLC.   ~Please email Mrs. Maiste at Carolyn.Maiste@cusd200.org for passwords. 
    Student-Friendly Search Engines:
    Image Search:


Last Modified on March 11, 2020