• Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

    Thanks to everyone in advance for showing our kids that character counts at all times, for kids AND grown-ups! Drop off and pick up at school can be a busy time. If EVERYONE adheres to the following guidelines, our traffic flow will be greatly improved, as will our children’s safety.  

    Get off your phone!! It is illegal to use a cell phone in a school zone!  

    Students should be dropped off or picked up at school on the Wiesbrook side of Seneca Drive and Durfee Road. Never double park as it is extremely dangerous to have the children walk between cars!

    • All students in a vehicle should be dropped off at one location regardless of grade level.
    • Do not enter the staff parking lot to turn around or to pick up children before or after school.
    • Parents should never use driveways to turn their cars around.
    • Observe the “No Parking” signs for the bus loading zones. The zone is in effect during school hours (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM). DO NOT PARK IN THE “NO PARKING” ZONE DURING THESE HOURS. It is ILLEGAL to pass a bus if red lights are on, or the stop arm is extended.
    • Make Seneca Drive a “One Way” street from Durfee to Blackhawk – going south (up the hill) – during drop-off and pick-up times.
    • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED during drop off or pick up time. This applies to the fire zone, as well as the parking zone in front of Wiesbrook.
      Pull forward as far as possible, then unload/load your child(ren).

    KEEP MOVING - after unloading/loading, move on so that another vehicle may pull in behind you.
    Do not double park on Seneca during pick-up or drop-off times. If no curb-side parking is available when you arrive at school, please continue on Seneca to Menomini Drive. Turn left on Menomini, and circle around the block, back to Seneca.
    If you prefer to walk your child to the door, or would like to wait and watch them enter the building, please park on Blackhawk or Tomahawk Drives.
    It is a "NO IDLE ZONE" in front of the school. Please turn your car off as you wait for your child.

    PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE HANDICAP PARKING IN FRONT OF SCHOOL OR IN THE STAFF PARKING LOT!! We have parents and staff who need these parking spaces.

Last Modified on March 16, 2019