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    Teresa McCoyd, 2020-2021 Treasurer


    How to get reimbursed for PTA expenses:

    1) Print out an expense reimbursement form: Expense Voucher Form

    2) Fill it out entirely and attach your original receipt. Expenses cannot be reimbursed without a receipt per policy. We are a tax exempt organization and, therefore, CANNOT reimburse sales tax. To obtain our Tax Exempt letter for transactions, please contact Teresa McCoyd at wiesbrooktreasurer@gmail.com.

    3) Have the chairperson of your event sign it.

    4) For Teachers and Faculty, please place in the Treasurer's folder in the PTA black box in the main school office.  The Expense Reimbursement Forms will be collected 1x per week from the main office.  For Parents and Volunteers, please deliver the forms to the Treasurer's home address for reimbursement.

    5) In general, requests submitted will be reimbursed within one week. Reimbursement checks will be mailed to you directly (please provide a mailing address per the expense form).  For Teachers and Faculty, checks can also be placed in your school mailbox (if so requested).


    PTA Financial Information:

    The PTA financial year begins on July 1. An audit is performed annually in July to verify the accounting for the past year. The board prepares the budget in the summer with input from outgoing and incoming committee chairpersons. The budget is voted upon at the first general meeting of the PTA in September.  Any PTA member can request a copy of the budget by contacting Teresa McCoyd via email: tmccoyd@gmail.com or wiesbrooktreasurer@gmail.com. Financial reports are also provided at all general meetings (held in September, January and April).
    Additional Forms: 
    Deposit Voucher Form 
    Petty Cash Request Form


Last Modified on October 1, 2020