• PTA Committees


    Fundraising Committees
    Fun Fair 
    Fun Fair Raffle
    Wiesbrook Tough Tiger 
    General Committees
    Battle of the Books
    Chess Club
    Cultural Arts (assemblies)
    Explore More Day
    Father-Son Night
    Fifth Grade Finale
    Fine Arts Week
    Head Room Parents
    Health & Wellness
    Holiday Shoppe
    Ice Cream Social
    Junor Great Books
    LLC Book Fair
    Mother Son Dance 
    Power Paws
    Reflections Contest
    Room Parents
    Special Needs Liasion
    Spirit Wear Sales
    Staff Appreciation
    Tiger Trot
    Class Parties
    Fluency Reader
    LLC "Bookworms"
    Reader Parent
    Picture Day


    Themed family carnival held at school.  Volunteers coordinate
    decorations, games, concessions, ticket sales, and other
    subcommittees.  Volunteers are needed to work on these 
    committees and to work a shift during the Fun Fair.  
    This committee coordinates all aspects of the raffle portion
    of the Fun Fair.
    This committee coordinates the fall fundraiser, an obstacle course.
    4th and 5th grade students read and compete against other
    Wheaton school at the Wheaton Public Library.  Parent
    volunteers help with weekly lunchtime study sessions.
    Parent led club to teach chess techniques and rules.  Meets
    informally January through March once a week.
    Research, schedule and assist with assembiles with staff input.
    Coordinates a daylong event consisting of mini-sessions
    featuring careers, sports, arts, hobbies, etc.
    This is a fun-filled evening for dads and sons.
    Makes the 5th graders' final year special with activities such
    as:  year-end party, class t-shirt, and preparing the fifth grade
    memory book.
    Enrich art awareness throughout the week with activites
    including Family Art Night.  Volunteers assist Wiesbrook
    family members with art projects at Family Art Night.
    Coordinate all Room Parents by helping parents sign up to be
    a Room Parent at the Ice Cream Social.  Help Room Parents
    with party ideas and supply each class with paper goods for
    each party.
    This is a PTA delegate on a Wiesbrook committee headed by
    Principal and comprised of faculty and staff members.  They
    plan and implement postivie changes to enhance student's
    health and fitness.  This includes the Vision and Hearing
    This is a chance for students and family members to come to
    Wiesbrook to do some holiday shopping.  Items are priced
    inexpensively (sold at cost).  Volunteers help customers pick
    out, purchase and wrap items.
    Organize refreshments for Curriculum Night, Kindergarten
    Round Up, Kindergarten Visitation and other meetings. 
    Volunteers send in baked goods for these meetings/events.
    Organize the Ice Cream Social held at the start of the school
    year.  Volunteers set up and serve ice cream to the
    Wiesbrook community.
    Lunchtime reading enrichment program for grades 2-5.
    Introduces students to different forms of literature through
    reading and discussion.  Volunteers lead small groups for 1
    hour a week for 8 weeks (January-March).
    Work with the LLC director to schedule volunteers to set up,
    work and break down the Book Fair.
    This is a service group that facilitates work projects and
    activities for the kids to do.  Each grade level needs a
    volunteer coordinator, plus parent volunteers during specific
    National PTA contest in areas of literature, photography,
    visual arts and musical composition.
    Organize class parties, hang artwork for Family Art Night,
    coordinate and assist with year-end events such as Field Day
    and coordinate teacher birthday recognition and end of year
    Promote academic recognition across District 200 by
    representing Wiesbrook on special committee to determine
    local high school winners of PTA scholarships.
    Provide assistance to parents of children with special needs as
    well as increase awareness of special needs.
    Annual sale of Wiesbrook "spirit wear" (shirts, hats,
    accessories) held in August and September.  Develop new
    ideas for design/products.  Take orders at Ice Cream Social
    and distribute orders.
    Organize a week long celebration in May, honoring teachers
    and staff.
    Organize this 5K run and 1 mile fun run through the
    Wiesbrook neighborhood, promoting school and community
    wellness.  Volunteers help keep the race course safe and fun.
    Compile, edit and organize production of Wiesbrook's annual
    yearbook (including taking pictures at events thoughout
    the year).  Each grade level needs a coordinator and parent
    Additional Ways to Volunteer
    Hospitality is always looking for bakers for events/meetings.
    Sign up at the Ice Cream Social to help the Room Parents plan
    and run the 3 class parties (Fall Festival, Holiday and
    Valentine's Day)
    Read with assigned students (grades 2-5).
    Volunteers who love books help the LLC director with check
    in and check out during class times.  Also help shelve, repair
    and organize the books in cooperation with the LLC director.
    Parent volunteers read one-on-one with students (k-1st)
    Assist school administration on the day of school pictures
    and re-takes.
Last Modified on June 23, 2020