Grading Policy

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    Graded Practice Logs

    Completed in class and turned in every three weeks; this grade is based on individual student reflection and frequency of practice in accordance with the practice log.

    Performance Attendance

    All performances are MANDATORY. No exceptions. We are a performing ensemble and we all count on each other for success. Only major conflicts will be discussed with the teacher and worked out ahead of time. Failure to attend and perform at a concert will lower a student’s quarter grade one full letter per occurrence.

    Daily Participation
    All students begin with 100% in this category. Exemplary students come to class with all required materials; are in their seats with assembled instrument 2 minutes after the bell rings for class and have begun individual warm ups; are attentive to instruction and help to create an environment which allows all students to excel in their learning.
    Playing Tests
    Playing tests are administered quarterly and are designed to give the teacher a snapshot of progress made regarding each individual student-musician. Playing tests are allowed to be retaken as many times as necessary (within the quarter) in order to achieve a satisfactory performance result.