•  Fitness Tips for Kids

    1.) Be outside as much as possible.                                   

    2.) Play sports with your friends and neighbors.

    3.) Stay away from video games and TV during the day.

    4.) Ride your bike, roller blades and/or skate board as much as possible, and remember toalwayswear a helmet.

    5.) Get involved with school intramural programs, the park district and YMCA sports teams/programs year round.

    6.) Pick 2-3 sports that you like and practice them all season long.

    7.) Eat your fruits and vegetables; they will give you great energy and keep you healthy.

             8.) Drink lots of milk and water; stay away from pop/soda
             9.) In the summer time, go swimming, play backyard sports, fly a kite, shoot baskets, etc.

             10.)  In the winter time, play outside, go to the park district/get involved in winter fitness programs!

               11.)Remember to always stay active!          



    Fitness Tips for Parents

       1.)  Play/practice sports after school and on the weekends with your kids; get them out of the house.

       2.)  Children at the elementary age should get 1+ hours of physical activity every single day. 20 minutes of this takes place during daily physical education, 15 during lunch recess.  Therefore, your child should participate in an additional 30+ minutes a day outside of their school environment!

       3.)  Get your children and family involved in after school, weekend, and summer athletic/fitness programs through your local YMCA, park district, health club and school intramural programs.


       4.)  Limit TV and video game play after school and on weekends. GET THEM OUTSIDE!

       5.)  Keep TV’s and computers out of your child’s bedrooms.  These promote laziness and make a great substitute for recreation (should be outside). This will also help regulate the negative material that your child can obtain via TV programs, video games and internet.

       6.)  Stay away from the electric and motorized scooters and/or bikes. Those promote laziness and do nothing to burn calories and increase cardiovascular endurance.


       7.)  Promote/encourage hobbies within athletics, fitness,acting, band, etc.  Have the kids working/practicing towards something in life. This will troubleshoot laziness and sitting around after school and on the weekends.


       8.)  Go on family walks/hikes around the neighborhood with your children.


       9.)  Keep healthy foods in the house. Promote fruits,vegetables, milk, water etc. and stay away from pop/soda, chips, candy, etc.


      10.) When shopping or going to the store, use a parking spot far away from your destination in order

    To burn calories by walking (also saves your car from dents).


      11.) Lastly, become an example to your kids of how to be physically fit and how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.