• Hair brushes and hats: What do they have in common?
    They are objects that lice frequently use to travel from one head to another.
    Click on this link to get up-to-date information from the CDC:


    If you suspect that your child has a case of head lice, please call us. We would be happy to check your child's head in the Health Office and call you back with our findings. We will get you started on the right course of treatment, if needed.
    There is no shame in having a case of head lice, and it doesn't mean that your student has to stay home from school, as this interesting and informative article from the NY Times describes:
    CUSD 200 does not exclude students from school because of head lice, but we do ask that you be informed and treat your child if lice are found. Read this letter from the DuPage County Health Department on this subject:
Last Modified on February 25, 2014