Are you an incoming 6th grader? 

    If you participated in 5th grade band, you are in for a treat with 6th grade!! Here are some fast facts regarding our 6th grade program:
    -Rehearsals are DURING the school day, five days a week. That means no before/after school rehearsals!
    -We start learning music right away on the first days of class- be prepared with your instrument!
    **If you did not participate in band in 5th grade but are interested in joining, please contact Mr. Novak to set up a time to meet with him and choose an instrument.**
    Materials needed in 6th Grade:
    -A well-maintained, quality instrument 
    -Book:** Warm-ups and Beyond, for your specific instrument (percussionists should purchase the flute version of the book to read with your mallet instrument)
    -Attire:** Red "Monroe Band" polo
    -Percussionists will utilize a "gig bag" of sticks filled with Payson General Timpani Mallets, Vic Firth SD-1 Snare sticks, Encore Medium Yarn Mallets, KLP Hard Bell PVC Mallets,  KLP Medium Unwound Rubber Mallets
    -Percussionists should continue renting their bell kit and snare drum. We will use them at school during the first month, and then they are to be used for practicing at home thereafter. 
    **The above mentioned materials will be available for order/pick up during schedule pick up prior to the start of the school year. Bring a check book/cash to cover their costs.
    I am so excited to welcome you to Monroe Bands. We enjoy each rehearsal to its fullest and our performances show an excellent product of our efforts. Please contact me at any time so I can answer any questions you may have.